Students suffer from noise pollution


80 percent of students suffer from noise pollution, according to sources from the Department of Environment, the university is a quiet area. Here the acceptable level of sound is 45 decibels, but in Bangladesh Agricultural University (Bakrubi) the sound can be heard up to 69 decibels. As a result, teachers and students suffer from various physical and mental problems. This information has emerged in a recent research report of Bakribi. Professor Murad Ahmed Farooq of the University’s Department of Environmental Science and postgraduate students conducted the research. According to the study, about 80 percent of the university’s teachers and students suffer from various problems including attention deficit, headaches, hearing problems, anxiety, insomnia, nervous problems and high blood pressure.


80 percent of students suffer from noise pollution

Murad Ahmed Farooq, the head of the research, said that the research has been done keeping in mind the determination of the level of noise pollution in the university area, the level of pollution and the creation of a map indicating the impact of pollution on the health of students. . Six postgraduate students were involved in this study. They are Zakir Hossain, Tariqul Islam, Ariful Islam, Junayan Rudra, Sajia Afrin and Sagarika Sumi. The subject of their master’s thesis was, Noise Pollution in University Areas. In doing this research, they used GIS and RS technologies to create a map indicating the level of noise pollution. Data has been collected from 9 important areas of the university area to determine the level of noise pollution. click here

An average of more than 3,000 heavy and medium vehicles ply from these places every day. Different areas of the university are represented by different colors on the map based on the level of noise pollution. This includes the red zone (65-69 decibels) and the yellow zone (60-64 decibels). The researchers also said that red

The area includes Jabbar Junction, Faculty of Agriculture, Administration Building and KR Market area. The sound intensity in this area is 65-69 decibels. Veterinary Faculty, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Central Library and Zainul Abedin are in the yellow area of the map.

Auditorium is included. The sound intensity here is 60-64 decibels. The noise intensity in the red zone is close to twice the standard set by the Department of Environment. The values in other regions are also much higher than the tolerable values of the human body. click here

80 percent of students suffer from noise pollution

If you want to know about this, the head of the Department of Environmental Science and Associate Student Advisor Professor , “I have come to know about the research Dr. Azharul Islam said In fact, it is a matter of concern for the teachers and students. Through this research, the causes of these pollutions have been identified. We will take quick measures to prevent this noise pollution.”

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