Dowry System Paragraph JSC/SSC/HSC 

Dowry System Paragraph JSC/SSC/HSC 


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Dowry System Paragraph JSC/SSC/HSC


Dowry System Paragraph JSC/SSC/HSC –  Dowry refers to the money or property that a bride must provide to her husband as a condition of marriage. In our society, this method of earning money has become a tradition. This is a complete embarrassment. This depravity is at the heart of our culture. For poorer parents, it is an excruciating burden. There are various elements that contribute to this unethical behavior. This custom originated in Hindu societies, where brides are given many valuable items because they do not inherit their parents’ possessions. A segment of the population has a greedy mentality. They intend to make a lot of money by putting pressure on the bridegrooms’ parents. They think that it is their right to claim and have dowry from the guardians of the brides as they have spent a lot on educating the bridegrooms.


As a result, many poor parents face significant difficulties in marrying off their daughters. As a result, society is affected by this structure. This technique damages people’s psyche. It also generates materialistic greed and societal discontent. This immoral activity cannot be supported by anyone with a good mentality. Females, like men, are human beings. They have all of society’s equal rights. We can’t buy or sell them in the same way that we do commodities. As a result, this heinous act should not be allowed to continue destroying the entire society. Anti-dowry campaigns should be stepped up in all areas of human activity, and the media, in particular, may play a critical role in raising public awareness of the dowry system’s negative consequences. We find that wives are often tortured not being capable of giving money or wealth to the husbands. Then only this social curse eliminated and we can expect a dowry free society.


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Dowry System Paragraph JSC/SSC

There are numerous unpleasant customs in our society that are detrimental to a thriving and developed nation. The dowry system was the most despised system in our society. In this tradition, the wife is required to offer her husband a large sum of money as dowry. The most common reason for dowry is poverty. This social vice is also caused by negative attitudes toward women, women’s dependence, attitudes toward establishment, and the impact of social corruption. We discover that wives are frequently tormented by their inability to provide money or fortune to their spouses. In the press, we frequently see newly married girls being abused in various ways.


The impact of this system is particularly devastating in Bangladesh’s distant villages, which are completely devoid of modernization’s influence. I believe the dowry system is a disgrace. However, simply passing laws or enacting some norms will not suffice to eradicate this social ill. We must alter our perspective and attitude toward the dowry system. The greedy people’s narrow attitude needs to be altered. It is necessary to raise social consciousness. The law protecting women’s rights should be vigorously enforced. Above all, a dowry-abolition effort is essential.

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